Gypsy Jazz Guitar Workshop 2015 Faculty

Frank Vignola
World-renowned jazz guitarist, Frank Vignola teaches about the importance of good warm up's and jam time. He will review and demonstrate the important fingerboard studies, which connect your ears to your fingers while connecting them to songs. Jamming is an important part of Frank's workshops so be prepared to play, play, play.
Vinny Raniolo
Accomplished gypsy jazz musician and educator, Vinny Raniolo will focus on opening up your ears and training your fingers to develop smooth movements through commonly played chord progressions on the rhythm guitar. With just a few new moves you can enhance any song by bringing out its inherent feeling of swing.  
Olli Soikkeli
Finland’s guitar sensation, Olli Soikkeli will conduct and in-depth Django style workshop including discussion and demonstration of Django’s riffs, expressions and secrets. Learn how Django’s unique style was expressed through vibrato, tremolo and his two-finger horizontal approach.